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The Ventana Vista FFO

At Ventana Vista FFO, we are dedicated to enhancing communication between school faculty and families, working together for the benefit of our students and to providing the necessary resources and support needed to enhance the learning environment.

Blue Wall

Jennyffer Fenn


Yellow Sparkly Background

Lori Cohen


Purple Abstract

Mary Smith

Member at Large

Red Paint

Kim Posl

Vice President

Orange Background

James Davenport

Treasurer Elect


Alison Bacalia


NJ (3).jpg

Nita Jain



Lynnea Strunk

Member at Large


Cat George


Meet Your Board

Come to a meeting!
In person or via Google Meets

Who is on the FFO?

Any individual with a child currently enrolled at Ventana Vista and all staff qualify as members of the FFO.

All members are welcome and encouraged to attend monthly meetings, vote on important FFO issues, and help support, coordinate, and run school-sponsored functions.

What is the FFO's goal?

The Family Faculty Organization (FFO) is a 501(c)3 organization with three primary goals:

1. To provide a medium of communication between faculty and families on educational advances and current programs

2. To assist the school in the realization and coordination of educational programs necessary in providing students with up-to-date, state-of-the-art education 

3. To provide monetary and manpower support for student assistance and school needs 

We accomplish these goals by raising funds to augment classroom resources and technology on campus, and we provide volunteer support for activities and events that help build a caring school community.

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