2020/2021 Committee Chairs

Bookfair: Jill W.

Halloween: Chrissy F., Nikki M.

Sweetheart Dance: Gina T. (looking for a co-chair)

Mileage Club: Liz M. (looking for a co-chair)

Yearbook: Tiffanie B. (happy to have a co-chair)

Spirit Wear: Emy R., Justine B.

Edu-Kit: Emy R.

Staff Appreciation: Meghan L., Erica B.

Talent Show: Stephanie B., Allison B.

Committees Still Needing Chairs:
Mathathon, Arts Night, Bobcat Run

**Please email ventanaffo@gmail.com if you are interested in helping on or chairing a committee.

2020/2021Class Representatives

Kindergarten: Monica R., Kourtney P.

First Grade: Candice R., Allison B. 

Second Grade: Nicole M.

Third Grade: Kathryn V., Meghan L.

Fourth Grade: Dominique S., Tiffanie B.

Fifth Grade: Cookie D., Meredith K.